Mihana Dining & Sake Bar @ Crow’s Nest, April 2015

You could most easily walk past without noticing this narrow and unassuming shopfront on Falcon Street, Crow’s Nest. I went fairly early on a Wednesday evening, so the place was quite deserted, but it filled up quickly as the evening wore on.

Mihana Dining & Sake Bar

The bar serves up Izakaya style Japanese dining – in other words, drinking food. There was a beautiful array of colourful sake cups and a multitude of Japanese alcohol on display behind the bar. The waitresses spoke Japanese, which added to the authenticity of the Izakaya atmosphere.

On to the food…

20150415_Mihana Crows Nest Oden

The oden was nice – the broth was a good balance of sweet miso and salty soy, and there was a generous amount of ingredients including a hard-boiled egg, daikon, konnyaku and fish sticks. The Yakitori was tender and juicy, and was coated in a chargrilled, sticky sauce that I could have drunk a whole bowl of. The seared tuna with avocado, daikon and carrot salad was very fresh, and had a good kick of lime.

Other dishes: Seared Tuna and Yakitori

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of eating rice soaked in tea, so I ordered the Ochazuke Ume (rice with sour plum). It was quite pleasant – the earthiness of the tea worked well with the steamed rice, and the sour plum and side of green and pink pickles brought much needed flavour to an otherwise bland dish.

Ochazuke Ume

The highlight was dessert. I was surprised at how pretty and tasty it was. The green tea mousse had a light and fluffy cake exterior. Delightfully, creamy green tea mousse oozed out when cut open. The ice cream was creamy, with just enough flavour of black sesame – and of course, who can go wrong with cornflakes and ice cream?

20150415_Mihana Crows Nest Sesame IC & Green Tean Mousse cake
Green Tea Mousse with Black Sesame Ice Cream

Mihana is a nifty place to go for drinks and a snack – if you’re stuck on what to order, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff.


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