Chum Tang & The Choc Pot @ The District Chatswood, June 2015

The District is an Asian-inspired food court that opened above Chatswood train station at the end of March. We went for dinner at the Thai restaurant Chum Tang and later on to the adjacent Choc Pot for dessert.

Chum Tang
Jackfruit salad with chicken

The jackfruit salad is served cold and comes with chicken and roasted coconut in a chilli jam. The jackfruit itself is quite firm and stringy, and there is some crunch from the coconut and onion. Unfortunately we could hardly taste the chicken at all, which would have helped bring another level of texture and flavour to the dish. The chilli jam was more jam than chilli, which I was disappointed about, but may suit the less heat-inclined eaters.

Moo krob pad ped

The moo krob pad ped featured chunks of crispy pork belly fried with Thai basil and chilli. The pork was fried perfectly with crunchy skin and edges, but the meat was still tender and juicy. The sauce by itself it a little salty – I’d recommend that you order a side of rice to soak it all up. The dish had a little spiciness from the chilli, but it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be.

Pad Thai with chicken

The Pad Thai was pretty standard. The chill jam-coated noodles had a nice wok-fried aroma to it, but I would have liked more bean sprouts and chicken.

I was a little disappointed with the dishes we ordered, but am not too disheartened to come back and try the other dishes on the menu. I’m told that the crispy fried morning glory salad is delicious, and the pork belly curry requires a rain check. I’ve previously had the Thai grilled chicken (Gai Yang). The meat was juicy and emitted a mouth watering aroma of charcoal-grilled spices.

We left enough room for dessert at The Choc Pot, which was right behind Chum Tang. Unfortunately, it’s right in front of the toilets, so get a seat as far away from there as possible.

The Choc Pot
The Choc Pot

We had the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, which used Belgian chocolate, jersey milk and came with a dollop of cream cheese to mix in. It was lovely – rich in chocolate and not too sweet.

Red Velvet hot chocolate

The Mango Sencha White Hot Chocolate intrigued me, so we ordered that as well. The mango and grassiness of the sencha really came through in the drink. I do like mango sencha by itself, but for me the combination of sweet mango and sweet white chocolate didn’t really work as well.

Mango sencha white hot chocolate

We chose to have S’more Nuts, which is a dessert of home-made waffles topped with melted Belgian chocolate, their special Nutty Butter, crushed roasted hazelnuts and toasted home-made marshmallows.

S’more Nuts

It was absolutely delicious. The freshly made waffles were crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The decadent topping of Belgian chocolate and the thick peanut buttery Nutty Butter along with the hazelnuts helped cut through the sweetness of the crunchy, oozy marshmallows. It’s a surprisingly light dessert thanks to the beautifully fluffy waffles. There are so many tempting dessert on The Choc Pot’s menu, but I definitely recommend this one. If you need more convincing…


And I do want to try their Secret Garden dessert – it’s so pretty…



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