Los Vida @Westfield Sydney, June 2015


Los Vida is a quirky little Mexican restaurant in the Sydney CDB Westfield, located next to Chat Thai. It’s vibrant place with seating in the small interior as well as outside in the shopping centre.


We ordered some tacos to start – shredded chicken in a tinga sauce with guacamole, sour cream and lettuce, and also a braised pork taco with pineapple, radish and pickled onion.


The tacos were so-so. They lacked spiciness and robustness of flavour. The patatas bravas, however, was filling and satisfying.


The fried potatoes and sweet potatoes were crunchy but soft, and went nicely with the garlic aioli and slightly spicy tomato sauce.

For mains, I was slightly disappointed that the pork belly was not on the new menu. The braised beef ribs were though, and we ordered that.


Two massive chunk of ribs on the bone came, topped with chipotle sauce, radish and red onion. The meat was tender and easily pulled apart, which was a delight. Unfortunately, the dish was let down by the sauce. It was slightly tomatoey, but light on spices. The sauce should have encapsulated and been absorbed by the meat, but was too weak to make such a impact.

The 2nd main we ordered was the chorizo flautas, which came with 4 rolls of crunchy corn tortillas with a mash potato, cheese and chorizo filling.


The flautas were a miss too. They were a little bland and heavy in the stomach, and the hard to spot chorizos were overwhelmed by the cheese and mash potato.

We had a mixed food experience at Los Vida, but I can say that the service and vibe is great. Maybe try the other offerings on their menu.


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