TGI Fridays & PappaRoti @ North Ryde, July 2015


TGI Fridays is an American franchise that has opened its doors in over 60 countries, and its one NSW chain is located in Macquarie Shopping Centre. The restaurant’s interior was aptly decked with American flags and memorabilia, and it had a lively bar/ casual dining atmosphere.

The restaurant served a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I had the mango peach lemonade, which was actually quite nice as the tang in the lemonade balanced nicely with the syrupy mango and peach.

20150704_114927mango peach lemonade

We went for lunch, so although tempting, it was a little too early to go for the ribs or any of the grill platters. Instead, we decided to try their burgers. We had the Jack Daniel’s burger:


The burger consisted of a beef patty, bacon, cheese, pickles and came with a special Jack Daniel’s glaze. The burger was juicy, which was a plus. The glaze was a little too alcoholic, but overall, we liked the burger a lot. You can order the ultimate version of the burger, which comes with battered onion rings and an extra beef patty.

We also had the Mushroom Chicken Mushroom burger:


I loved this burger – crispy, crumbed chicken breast that was still moist inside, sauteed mushrooms and onions in a tangy horseradish sauce, all topped with battered Protobello mushrooms – it was a winning combination.

The burgers all come with a side of hand cut fries, which were nicely cooked and seasoned.


PappaRoti (not to be confused with PappaRich although they’re both Malaysian fanchises) is located in the food court of Macquarie Centre. They do snacks, drinks and hot food, but they are best known for their signature bun, simply called “the Bun”. You can choose a chocolate, caramel, nutella or condensed milk topping, but I chose to have the bun no frills.


It was pretty darn good – crunchy, flaky crust and slightly sweet but oh-so-fluffy-it-melts-in-your-mouth dough, with a slightly buttery base. I’m getting more next time!


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