Shanghai Dumpling & Caffe Cherry Beans @ Chatswood, July 2015

Chatswood has plenty of options when it comes to dumplings – New Shanghai, 1Ton, Din Tai Fung etc. One of the newcomers, Shanghai Dumpling, is a specialist dumpling shop located on Victoria Avenue, opposite Chatswood Chase. The dumplings are freshly made and you can also buy them frozen from the store.

We tried the vegetable dumplings in soup, which were filled with spinach, slivers of tofu and mixed mushrooms. The skin was silky and the filling quite tasty thanks to the soy seasoned mushrooms.


We ordered a side dish called Five Spicy beef. The meat was tender and contrary to the name, the spice seasoning was mild and not overpowering.


The prawn and chives dumpling were sold out so we opted for the prawn dumplings with noodles in soup. The filling was simple but packed with large, sweet prawns.


Shanghai Dumplings is the place to go for no frills dining with hearty, generous dumplings to eat in or takeaway.

Caffe Cherry Beans is right next door to Pishon Café, just above the train station. I ordered the green tea latte, which was light and creamy.


The sweet potato cake sounded intriguing, so I ordered a slice. The cake was moist and had small chunks of sweet potato hidden amongst the layers of cream and sponge. It was a delicious accompaniment to a hot cup of tea or coffee.


Cherry Beans is a pleasant place to stop by, and if you’re after something savoury, they do have hot meal options as well.


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