WAQU’s Six Course Japanese Degustation, Sep 2015

WAQU does a delicious and decently priced six and eight course degustation. We went on a Friday evening for the six course menu and also got $10 off as part of their 10th anniversary special.


From the widely ranging drinks menu, we ordered the Fruitalicious Tea – a mix of cranberry, dragon fruit, apple sugar and floating goji berries, which was really refreshing.

The first course of the degustation was the soup of the day, which was a Chinese cabbage soup with braised pork belly. The soup was creamy and had the distinct flavour of Chinese cabbage. It matched perfectly with the pork and crusty bread.


Smoked scallops with celeriac green apple puree and anchovy beurre blanc topped with crispy potato strings followed. The slight sourness of the apple, crispy potatoes and the salty anchovies accompanying the soft scallops made for a delightful textural and flavourful dish.


Next up was the pan fried snapper with saka-mushi clam, dashi poached calamari, roasted golden beetroot and sake clam broth. Because the surroundings were so dark, we couldn’t see how pretty and colourful the dish was until the flash came on.


The fish and clam were cooked perfectly and the calamari was interesting, tasting and looking almost like mushroom. The broth was quite heavy with sake, but married well with the seafood.

Course four was a slow cooked duck breast with a miso emulsion, kalamata olive squid ink espresso puree and kumquat compote. This dish was delicious – salty, bitter, sweet, citrusy – it all worked well with the tender duck.


Next course was a choice between roasted lamb backstrap and wagyu beef steak (with a $12 surcharge for the latter). The wagyu came with an eggplant puree, grilled leek jus and miso turnip. The wagyu was so juicy and tender, it was worth every bit of the $12 surcharge.


Dessert was a caramel poached Fuji apple with apple vanilla ice cream, financier cake, caramelised nuts, baked white chocolate and praline powder. I was quite blown away by the dessert. Every aspect was delicious from the tasty and spongy financier, the light and apple-y ice cream to the perfectly poached and caramelised apple.


I could have actually eaten every single course twice, which was a testament to the quality of the dishes. Moreover the service was efficient and the dishes came out in a timely manner. I can’t recommend WAQU highly enough.


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