Huong Lua & Bavarian Bier Cafe @ Chatswood

Scoopon was selling a $29 for $60 spend at Huong Lua, a fairly new Modern Vietnamese restaurant in Chatswood, so it was a good opportunity to check it out. Getting a booking was hard, I guess due to the popularity of the Scoopon deal.



We ordered a roasted sweet potato, quinoa, dried Goji berries and lemon myrtle salad to start. It was unusual, but the flavours worked with the bitter greens, the sourness of the dressing and the sweet potato.


Soft shell crab in rice paper rolls, which were nice and fresh but not really spectacular.


For mains we had the twice cooked pork belly braised in coconut juice. The pork was a little firm but tender, and came with little quail eggs which had soaked up the salty soy sauce and had a beautifully rich and runny yolk that oozed out when bitten into. The sauce however was salty and a little bland.


We also ordered the char-grilled duck and fingerlime marmalade.  The duck was cooked beautifully and the salad helped cut through the richness of the meat.


Other items of note on the menu are the flaming wok scotch fillet and the 12hr beef rib – I’d be interested to check these out next time.

Right next to Huong Lua is the Bavarian Bier Café. We ordered the BBQ combination platter for two, which included pretzel buns, fries, BBQ pork ribs, pork belly and pulled pork.


Overall the food was good, if a little salty. The pulled pork and slaw was great in the buns and the ribs were tender and pulled apart easily, though the seasoning was quite salty. The Southern Smoked pork belly was the best of the bunch with a buttery layer of fat and soft tender meat.

I’d go back next time for the pork knuckle and pork crackling.


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