Chef’s Gallery @ Macquarie Centre, Oct 2015

Noodles and pig-faced buns – that’s what we went to try specifically, having heard that they were the signature dishes of Chef’s Gallery. We went to the Macquarie Centre branch, which is located right next to PappaRich, making for some interesting queue watching at lunch.

We ordered the prawn and pork wontons with strips of carrots, omelette and handmade noodles in a chicken broth. The wontons were silky and thin, but the filling needed more seasoning. At least the soup was flavoursome and noodles firm and bouncy.


We also got the fried handmade noodles with shredded roast duck, mushrooms and omelette. The noodles had a nice texture and wok fried aroma, and there was a good amount of duck and mushroom.


Next was shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce in a fluffy Chinese roti roll. It was a roti version of Peking duck pancakes, a clever idea as the roti provided the crispy element, not the duck skin.


Last but not least, the “Piggy Face” buns. They not only looked good, they tasted delicious. The dough was soft and pulled apart easily. The black sesame filling was a little runny but tasty, and we licked up every drop that trickled out.


Chef’s Gallery definitely lived up to the hype. Make sure you go early to avoid the queues.


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