Sydney Night Noodle Markets, Oct 2015



It was that time of the year again and we were once again ready to brave the long queues and smoky chaos of the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park.

Hoy Pinoy

Hands down the longest queue was here – just follow the huge tower of smoke billowing above the Southern end of the markets.


They had whole pigs roasting in the tent for the lechon baboy.


We opted for the pork belly rather than the chicken skewers as they looked juicier and were definitely more popular.


The skewers were glazed in banana ketchup and were everything skewers should be. The meaty chucks were juicy, smoky and sticky with sweet glaze.


The lechon baboy was served on a bed of fragrant rice and came with a delicious livery sauce and some atchara (pickled papaya). The skin wasn’t as crackly as it could have been, but the meat was juicy and tender and tied in nicely with the condiments. A little more atchara would have been nice too.

There’s a reason why there’s always a long queue here, and it’s worth the wait. Just note that they only have the roast pig from Thursday to Sunday.

Bao Stop

We decided to head Bao Stop instead of Mr Bao for our baos and we weren’t disappointed.

We got the set of three – fried chicken, braised pork belly and fried Peking duck gua baos.


The fried chicken was crunchy and juicy, topped with the chilli mayo, red sugar chilli jam and spring onion. The traditional pork belly bao with crushed peanuts, mayo, coriander and pickled mustard was also delicious.


The Peking duck was good too, with crispy skin… hallelujah! The baos were soft and chewy, the perfect wrapping for each filling.

One Tea Lounge

We had the matcha fries and ice cream baogers from here.


First to the matcha fries, which were basically just fries sprinkled with a little matcha powder, served with a Japanese curry sauce. I didn’t really think the combination of bitter matcha and curry matched together, so I was a little disappointed.

The ice cream baos however were a whole lot of yum!


They didn’t have the lychee flavour available, so we went for black sesame and matcha. Creamy flavourful ice cream, with a red bean “patty” slathered with oozy salted caramel between two pieces of fried bao goodness… who could ask for more? The only dilemma was how to actually eat it!

We wanted to get some dessert from Messina too, especially the hilariously named David Bao-wy, but unfortunately didn’t have any space left in our stomachs.


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