Abb Air Thai @ World Square, Oct 2015

Amongst the dozens of Thai restaurants that have spawned in Sydney CBD, the strangely named Abb Air Thai Cuisine 1982 ranks high in terms of quality, value and service. It’s hidden in plain sight on the Goulburn St side of the World Square Shopping Centre.

First the drinks:


They have a good array of drinks including coffee, tea, milo, juices, soft drinks, and smoothies. The cantaloupe (rockmelon) smoothie was nice if a little sweet, but the yakult pipo (icy cold yakult with jelly slivers) was irresistible.

From the extensive food menu, we ordered the Thai style stir fried baby clams with basil. The clams were fresh and well cooked, and it wasn’t too spicy unless you were unfortunate to eat one of the chilli slices floating in the sauce.


The Boat Pork noodle soup was thin rice noodles in a spicy and sour broth, and came with tender chunks of pork, meat balls, crispy fried pork fat (not so good for the health but oh so delicious) and vegetables. Perfect for winter!


The Green Veg Duck was wok fried chinese broccoli and snow peas with a generous amount of duck meat.


We ordered the Olden Pad Thai with soft shell crab. It was fresh, spicy and the dried shrimp and peanuts helped cut through the sweetness of the sauce.


The table consensus was that the Massamun beef curry was the pick of the dishes. The beef was juicy and extremely tender and there was also a decent amount of potatoes and braised nuts. We ordered a side of rice to soak up the mild, creamy sauce.


The bill came to $99.50, which was good value, considering the portion sizes and the quality and freshness of the food. The service was friendly and there was no queue on a Friday night, which was even better. Just be warned, the food is pretty spicy!


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