Hello Kitty Diner @ Chatswood, Nov 2015


A family friendly and cute to boot Hello Kitty Diner opened in Sydney on the 1st of November, in the centre of Chatswood. We visited the restaurant for an early dinner on a weekday and luckily for us, it was busy but there was no queue.


The restaurant has (cute!) bar stool seating around the front counter as well as table seating along the side walls of the restaurant.


20151110_180012    20151110_181703


The drinks and food menu, inspired by Chur Burger, consist of soft drinks, milkshakes, snack food and burgers.



For drinks we had the Smoked Lemonade and The Pancake Milkshake. The Smoked Lemonade, according to the waiter, was lemonade that had been infused with the smoky flavour of the barbeque. It was different, to say the least. It was certainly lemonade, but I wasn’t sure if the aftertaste was barbeque…

I do recommend the Pancake Milkshake. It was creamy and with the addition of pancake batter was quite a treat!


The Southern Fried Chicken was juicy and crispy and went nicely with maple syrup. The Hello Kitty shaped waffle however was a little dry, probably because it was overcooked.


The Maple burger was nice, if a little standard. It wasn’t crispy pork belly as per the menu, it was actually pulled pork, but at least the pork was tender and moist.


The quirky Miss Ebi burger was great, with juicy, fried prawns, pickles, a slight hint of chilli, mayonnaise and cabbage.


Would I come again? Probably not, as even though the food isn’t bad, the price is a little steep for the quantity and the menu is a little limited. For those with kids, teenagers and for Hello Kitty aficionados of all ages, the diner is definitely a delightful and fun place to go for a meal or a snack.


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