Ginger & Shallots @ Eastwood, Jan 2016

Craving cheap and tasty Chinese food, we decided to try a place in Eastwood that we’d walked past many times, Ginger & Shallots. We opted for a family deal, which let us choose three dishes from a decent list of seafood, vegetable and meat dishes, and also came with rice and a plate of vegetables. All for under $50.
From the set, We ordered the stir fried beef with ginger and shallots. You can’t go wrong with tender slices of beef fried in oyster sauce and fragrant ginger. It would have been great if they were more generous with the beef to ginger/onion ratio though.

Dish two was the pig trotters in “special sauce” hotpot. Unfortunately it was a miss. We had wrongly assumed that it would come with a thick soy gravy to soak the rice in. Instead the broth was almost soupy and had a strong smell of vinegar and wine. The trotters were small and mostly skin and fat than meat.

The highlight was the salt and pepper deep fried flounder. The batter was light and crunchy, and whatever flesh there was still moist and flaked off the bone nicely. It was perfectly seasoned with a nice hit of fresh chilli.

We were pretty impressed that we were given a full container of rice, and the vegetables that came with the set was a large plate of garlicky buk choy (although why Chinese restaurants always seem to serve them in whole bunches that you can choke on escapes me).

As an extra we ordered a bowl of lean pork and preserved egg congee. The flavour was quite subtle almost to the point of blandness, but giving the congee a healthy dose of white pepper that accompanied it helped bring the flavour out. There was a good amount of meat and egg, but we could have used more of the deep fried yellow wonton skin crunch on top.


There’s a lot of choices on the menu, plus it’s cheap and tasty enough that we’ll definitely be coming back here.


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