Thanon Khaosan @ Sydney, Jan 2016

If you were walking down Pitt St in the Thainatown part of Sydney’s CBD, you’d probably notice Thanon Khaosan because of the array of colourful desserts on display out the front, right next to a real life tuk tuk.

Inside, the large birdcages hanging overhead carried on the oriental theme, as we were ushered to one of the wooden tables that were crammed together. The drinks menu consisted of multiple fruity blends and soft drinks. The lychee and mint blend was quite refreshing, though probably a little too minty for my taste.


We decided to opt for rice and dishes instead of noodles, ordering the Massaman curry with roti, roast duck in hoisin sauce and BBQ pork.
The Massaman curry was average. Unfortunately the sauce was a little watery and sweet, and we only received one piece of potato (pretty much one quarter of a potato) in the bowl. There was ample cashew nuts and beef though, and although the meat wasn’t fall apart tender, it wasn’t tough. The roti accompaniment was quite nice, though it wasn’t fluffy enough to be able to fully absorb the sauce.

The duck came with mushrooms and a glazy sweet plum sauce. The duck was cooked well and there was a bit of crunch to the skin, but there was also a strong smell to the meat. Despite there being whole star anise in the sauce, I couldn’t taste any spices in the dish at all.

The BBQ pork was served on a bed of cabbage strips, and the meat had good charring on the outside. The tamarind sauce provided a nice hit of spiciness and saltiness to the dish.

Overall you’d probably find better Thai food and service elsewhere in the city. The dessert cart was a nice touch though. I’d probably skip the food and pick something up from there instead next time.


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