The Runaway Spoon @ Lindfield, Jan 2016

We visited the Runaway Spoon in Lindfield for dinner on a Wednesday evening and booking in advance nabbed us a window seat, which was nice and bright. The restaurant had an upscale pub-like feel, with a dinner menu consisting of a mix of nibblies, share plates, tacos, pizzas and mains. They also had an extensive drinks menu for those so inclined.

We started off with a bucket of steak fries with chilli mayonnaise and tomato sauce. It was big enough to share amongst four people, but the fries could have used a bit more time in the fryer to give them more of a crunch.

The BBQ King Prawns sharing plate came with four large prawns served with fresh chilli, ginger and coriander on a pile of vermicelli rice noodles. Shell-less (=hassle-free), well-cooked, juicy – the prawns ticked all three boxes. The surprise was the delicious rice noodles hidden beneath the prawns. The noodles had absorbed all the prawny goodness and also had a nice hint of spiciness from the chilli. It was probably the best dish of the night.


For greens, we ordered a plate of Greek Salad with mixed lettuce, cucumber, feta, olives and cherry tomatoes in a Greek dressing. It was a generous plate that didn’t skimp on the cheese and olives, which was nice.


We ordered a set of the Black Sesame Seed Crusted Chicken Tacos. The toasted soft tacos were filled with crispy pieces of juicy chicken coated in black sesame seeds, avocado, pineapple and chipotle mayonnaise. Texturally and flavour-wise, it was a delight to eat.


As a meat lover, I couldn’t go past the 300g Black Angus Rib Eye on the bone served with rosemary roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkins. I liked the look of it, with the bright yellow smear of mustard and bowl of mushroom sauce served on a wooden board. The sides were lovely – roasted until crunchy sweet potatoes, soft pumpkin and loads of mushroomy gravy. The steak had a nice char, but the cooking was inconsistent. We had ordered two medium rare steaks. One was cooked perfectly, the other (notably a slightly smaller piece) was a slightly over cooked. Otherwise, it was a pretty good steak dish.


The Traditional Beef Burger with crispy bacon came on a brioche bun with the usual lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot, fried onion, chilli tomato jam and a side of steak fries. The burger was a average tastewise and the patty was a little dry.


Overall the food and service was very good. The location is convenient, with plenty of parking just outside and the train staion close by. Just note that they are only open for dinner from Wednesdays to Saturdays, 6-10pm.


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