Belles Hot Chicken & Bourke Street Bakery @ Barangaroo, Feb 2016


On a warm sunny morning, we headed to Barangaroo, which is just a few minutes’ walk from Wynyard in Sydney’s CDB. I strongly recommend going, if you want a great view of the harbour without the crowds.


We meandered around Barangaroo reserve park, which has a bicycle and walking track right along the water’s edge.





After the walk, we headed South along Wulugul Walk towards the restaurants in the area.



First stop was Belles Hot Chicken.


Along with some House Made Cardamom Lemonade (the perfect tonic for a hot Summer’s day), we ordered drumsticks and wings with fries and coleslaw.


Heat-wise we opted for medium (which wasn’t really hot at all) and hot (which was a bit of a step up, but still tolerable). The chicken pieces were huge, and came with pickles and a slice of bread.



The fried chicken was excellent, with crispy skin and meat so juicy that if you weren’t careful, could have led to some unwanted splatter. The fries were crunchy but soft on the inside. The cold, creamy coleslaw was perfect for countering the spicy heat of the chicken.

Around the corner from the pop up stalls is Bourke Street Bakery. They sell everything from sausage rolls and pies, to sandwiches and cakes.


We ordered the almond praline croissant and white chocolate passionfruit tart. Both were delicious, but the tart was exceptionally good.



Barangaroo is still under development, which would account for the lack of activity in the area. Go and enjoy it while it’s still undiscovered by the masses!




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