$3 Sushi Plates @ Sushi Rio Sydney, Feb 2016

Sushi Rio, on Sussex St in Sydney CBD, does a lunch special from 12-5pm everyday with all sushi plates for $3 – yes, that includes salmon nigiri. There are also $6.50 plates for more expensive items like sashimi.

Beef Tataki Gunkanmaki
Salmon Nigiri

You can choose to sit at the counter for the kaiten sushi experience or opt for an individual table where you can fill in an order sheet.

Squid Nigiri
Salmon Onion Nigiri

We noticed that there weren’t many salmon nigiri plates on the belt, but you can always ask the staff to make it for you fresh.

Crumbed Prawns
Grilled Eel Nigiri
Crumbed Prawn Uramaki

They also had the oyster omelette hand roll for $3. The oysters were a little small, but still tasty.

Oyster Omelette Temaki

The Kaisen Don was a bargain at $6.80. We ordered the half size and it was generously filled with raw salmon, tuna, a piece of scallop, lettuce, pickled ginger and rice.


Kaisen Don Half Size


It’s rare when you can indulge in kaiten sushi without feeling too much pain in the hip pocket afterwards. If you can get there during lunchtime, Sushi Rio will do that for you.


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