The Missing Piece @ Macquarie Centre, July 2016

It’s not hard to see why The Missing Piece is always packed. Its beverages and food is made from fresh and quality ingredients and tastes pretty darn good.

The Missing Piece 1

Decadent RFA organic Belgian hot chocolate:

The Missing Piece 2

The berry boom! smoothie of mixed berries, chia seeds, cucumber, mint, coconut water and apple juice.

The Missing Piece 3

The Chicky Piece, which was toasted sourdough, filled with chicken breast, tomato, rocket, mayonnaise, with shoestring fries and ketchup, arrived on a cute chicken-shaped serving board. It was a little small portion-wise, considering the price.

The Missing Piece 4

The Complete Picture – fried eggs, bacon rashers, grilled tomato, kipfler potatoes, smoked mushrooms and toasted sourdough was more substantial and really tasty. The bacon was crispy, and the mushrooms and potatoes nicely seasoned and smoky. With buttery sourdough to soak up the sunny side yolks, there’s no better way to start off the day!

The Missing Piece 5





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