Sculpture at Barangaroo and Shortstop Donuts, Aug 2016

Sydney turned out a beautiful, sunny Sunday for the last day of Sculpture at Barangaroo, which coincided with the first birthday of Barangaroo Reserve.




There were free orange and poppy seed cupcakes and a small ceremony to mark the special occasion.


A short walk away on Barangaroo Avenue is Shortstop Coffee & Donuts, an offshoot of the popular Melbourne gourmet donuts store.

Short Stop1

They had the full range of flavours early in  the morning, including the new ricotta cheesecake filled donut. By early afternoon, some of the flavours had sold out.

Short Stop2

I managed to get my hands on the Earl Grey and Rose Cake, Triple Matcha Cake, Maple Walnut & Brown Butter , Thai Milk Tea, and Australian Honey & Sea Salt donuts.

Short Stop3

The flavours were impressively punchy (the Thai Milk Tea really tasted like milk tea!) and the donuts were fresh, crisp and soft on the inside. It was absolutely worth queueing for. My recommendations would be the Triple Matcha, Thai Milk Tea and the Australian Honey & Sea Salt.

Short Stop4



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  1. I agree with your recommendation of the Australian Honey & Sea Salt. It’s so different, it’s a must try.


    1. Hi Chris,

      I read your post on them and totally agree. Yes they are a more cakey type of donut, but so flavourful! The honey and sea salt is definitely a must try.

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