The Smooth Festival of Chocolate, Sep 2015

As a reminder of the Smooth Chocolate Festival on again this weekend at the Rocks, here are some of the highlights of last year’s event.

Zumbo’s dessers (including the delectable Macaron Burger!) and Vogue Café’s Bumblebee and Oreo milkshakes.

Zumbo 1

Zumbo 2

Zumbo 3

Macaron Burger and Milkshakes

Chocolate displays good enough to eat at the Chocolatier’s Quarters, including the Tim Tam Man.

Tim Tam Man

Chocolate Diplay 1

Chocolate Diplay 2a

The Tim Tam Temptation tent for some free samples and a snap against the Tim Tam wall.

Tim Tam Tent 1

Tim Tam Tent 2

This year’s promises to be just as big  with the Lindt lounge and a host of sweet and savoury stalls, so be sure to head there this weekend.


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