Night Noodle Markets in Sydney 2016

The Night noodle markets are back on again, with the return of many past stallholders as well as some new additions. The markets have upgraded to card payment only, meaning faster-moving queues, though food being cooked to order will still require some patient waiting.


We sampled from three stores with some of the longest queues (although we did skip Bao Stop which had a massive queue).

Hoy Pinoy – Pork belly skewers with banana ketchup glaze and Liempo



Unfortunately we received the pork skewers cold and a little chewy. The marinade was nice and the meat chunky, but not coming fresh off the charcoal was a bit of a let down. The The Liempo (12 hour smoke basted pork belly in adobo sauce on a bed of fragrant coconut rice) on the other hand, was delicious. The meat was tender and well-matched with the salty sauce and tangy pickles.

POKLOL – Chichi fries loaded with bulgogi beef



The hand-cut beer battered fries really shone through with a perfectly-fried crunchy outside, and insanely fluffy potato inside. I’d rate it as one of the best fries experience I’ve had. With the salty soy bulgogi beef, creamy mayo, cheese and spicy sauce, it was the winner of the night.

Harajuku Gyoza – Octodog, Pork Gyoza and Raindrop Cake

Oh the cute lure of the Octodog. This is Harajuku Gyoza’s take on a dagwood dog. To be honest I’m not a fan, but if you like deep-fried, sweet bready-battered frankfurts, this is probably your thing.


The pork gyoza was good – it had a crunchy, pan-fried base and a juicy pork filling, but there wasn’t anything spectacular about it.


The raindrop cake (original flavour) was a pleasant way to end the night. The jelly was meltingly soft and was delicious eaten with the sesame powder and a brown sugar syrup.


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