NoGoSan Korean BBQ @ Chatswood, Nov 2016

NoGoSan, tucked away at a corner on Archer St, is the place to go to enjoy a traditional Korean BBQ. Whether you’re ordering the BBQ or individual dishes, you’re presented with an abundance of refillable side dishes. The side dishes vary – ours included the staples of kimchi and bean sprouts, as well as the more exotic raw squid and raw crab in gochujang.


We ordered the $90 BBQ set, which came with wagyu flap meat, wagyu beef skirt, marinated wagyu rib meat, pork belly and soup of the day (which was kimchi and vegetable soup). The meat came with 3 dipping sauces and lettuce.





The meat was actually chunks of meat with a good amount of marbling – it was pretty decent quality. It was a fair amount of food, and along with the side dishes was a bit of a struggle to finish between two.

If you’re not feeling especially carnivorous, NoGoSan also offers traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, hotpots and soups.


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