Fratelli Fresh & Doughnut Time Sydney CBD, Nov 2016

Fratelli Fresh in Westfield Sydney was busy even at 3pm on a Saturday, which was when we were having a late lunch.

To start:

Arancini Taleggio with mixed herbs, served with salad cream. A tasty starter with a crispy outside and soft cheesy rice filling.

For mains:

Porcini Ravioli Cacio e Pepe Pecorino with a butter sauce (no photo). The ravioli were pillowy with a subtle porcini filling. Unlike a lot of ravioli which I find salty and heavy, this was super light and tasted heavenly smothered in the creamy buttery sauce.

Unfortunately the Meatball Tagliatelle was sold out, so we were tempted by their day special, which was the Duck Pappardelle. The pasta was topped by a generous amount of juicy duck breast meat and the aroma of duck permeated the pasta, which was cooked beautifully.


The Lamb Ragu Penne with rosemary and chilli had a rich, tomatoey sauce which was not too spicy, and like the duck, came with a generous pile of tender lamb meat. It was a heavier dish than the previous two – hearty and delicious.


For dessert:

We ordered the Tiramisu and the Zeppole. The Zeppole were crunchy on the outside and so airy and fluffy on the inside it was “like eating clouds” (a quote from one of my table companions). I would even have been happy to consume it in its naked perfection without the accompanying rich, gooey chocolate sauce.


The Tiramisu cutely came in a coffee cup (quite a large one). It was very light and creamy,  a more subtle Tiramisu than one packing a strong coffee punch.


I can see why Fratelli Fresh is quite popular and can get packed quickly, especially at lunchtime on weekdays with office workers. The food and service is excellent and it’s a highly recommended go-to for those craving fresh and generous Italian food.


You can never have enough donuts on one day, especially cleverly -named ones from Doughnut Time (in The Galeries).


I purchased the Milo Cyrus and being a salted caramel lover, the Veruca Salt.


The aptly named Milo Cyrus  was a little less Milo-ey than I thought it would be, with quite a nice chocolate malt custard filling. The donut itself was good and I liked the chocolate crumb, but it didn’t really live up to the Milo expectation of its name.


I did enjoy the Veruca Salt more – packed full of creamy, salted caramel in the centre and a slight dusting of cinnamon over the top of the golden brown donut. Simple but effective.





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