Yang & Co. @ Castlecrag, Dec 2016


Yang & Co started out as a food truck and since winning Time Out’s best food truck of 2015, has opened as a restaurant in Castlecrag. Its cuisine is influenced by Malaysian, Singaporean, Japanese and Vietnamese (to name a few!) food. The savoury menu is divided into Small Plates, Larger Plates and Sides, and is designed to be shared.

There were too many dishes on the menu that we wanted to try so we decided to order 4 Small Plates and a side between two people.

Mock-Mule mocktail and Poached QLD Banana Prawn & Pork Wontons, House Chilli Soy Sauce & Bean Curd

We could smell the Prawn and Pork Wonton Small Plate as soon as it arrived. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the aroma was (maybe a mix of soy and sesame?), but it was familiarly delicious. The skin was paper-thin and the filling was so soft that it fell apart in the mouth.The subtleness of the pork and prawn melded well with the salty, spicy sauce. The shards of deep fried crispy ben curd skin was quite a treat too – just be prepared to battle the rest of the table for it!

It was easy to see why the lamb ribs was such a popular dish. The ribs had a charry, crispy outside, pull apart tender and fatty meat that literally melted in the mouth. The accompanying fish sauce and lime-heavy dressing helped cut through the richness of the ribs.

Twice Cooked Masterstock Lamb Ribs with Nahm Pla Dressing

It was hard to go past Yang & Co’s signature Singapore Crab.

Singapore Chilli Soft Shell Crab with Man Tao

The sauce was surprisingly tomatoey with an undertone of prawny sambal. It was soaked up beautifully by the deep-fried battered soft shell crab and the golden-brown, sweet and pillowy buns. At first spoonful, the sauce can taste deceptively unspicy due to its tomatoey sweetness. Be warned, the chilli catches up to you eventually – as yours truly experienced through a sudden onslaught of profuse sweating.



Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Japanese Curry with Watercress and Radish Salad

The chicken was the outright star of the dish, with its perfectly fried, light and thin buttermilk batter and still juicy meat.


The sauce was pretty standard Japanese curry fare, sweet rather than spicy, and was served with carrot, radish and watercress, which probably brought a little too much bitterness to the dish.

Yang’s Fried Rice with House Made Pastrami, Banana Prawns and Potato Chips

As a side, you actually get quite a big bowl – enough to share amongst 3 people. The dish passed the breath of the wok aroma test, which was a big tick. Adding actual potato chips over the top was a nice touch, though it added more in terms of crunch than taste. The pops of salt from the pieces of excellent pastrami was delicious, but the rice to everything else ratio was a little too high.

Even after all that food, we gave in to the allure of the delicious-sounding dessert options.


Coconut Sago, Red Wine Marinated Strawberries, Passionfruit, Pandan Jelly, Frozen Coconut Mochi and Meringue


This was really as good as it sounded and looked. Even better even. Evertyhing worked well in tandem flavour and texture wise. The pandan and icy cononut reminded me of cendol, then the pops of sago and tangy passionfruit and strawbery, and the crunchy shards of sweet meringue came through. This is the go to dessert for something refreshing and light in the likely case of having overeaten.

Steamed Banana Pudding, Milo Parfait, Maple and Chocolate Sauce, Crumble and Popcorn


Milo fans will enjoy this dish in its entirety! For others (like myself) the highlight was the soft and moist banana pudding soaked in the chocolate sauce.

There’s still the entire Larger Plates section that I’m keen to go back to try on my next visit. It’s times like this when I wish I had more space in my stomach!


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