Genkotsu Ramen & Other Brisbane Eats, December 2016

My eating experience in Brisbane over the holiday period was a little minimalist, and it yielded some good and not so good food.

Genkotsu Ramen, Toowong


The Location: A small shopping arcade in Toowong.

The Rundown: Traditional Japanese ramen in an authentic ramen house setting.


The Food:

Pork Gyoza – juicy, well-seasoned filling in thin, crispy skin. Not as good as the ones we had in Japan, but close enough!


Tsukemen Shio


Tsukemen Miso


Karaage Shoyu ramen


The broths – The miso was a little too salty (though eased by the sweet corn that came especially with it) and the shoyu was good, but the winner was plain old shio. The clarity of the broth was amazing considering the depth of tonkatsu flavour in it. It was rich without being overheavy.


The Highlights:

Pork gyoza, Tsukemen (or anything) with a Shio-based broth.


Miss Kay’s

The Location: Brisbane CBD

The Rundown: Bistro-style diner. Burgers and shakes are the go.

The Food:

Get Clucked – Lemon pepper chicken breast, pineapple, guacamole, swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo and tomato. The chicken was nicely charred and the pineapple was sweet, but there was only a tiny smidge of guacamole and the chicken was a little dry.


Poutine burger – beef patty, bacon bit, halloumi, fries, gravy, pickle, lettuce and mayo. The 300 day Angus beef patty was deliciously juicy and the halloumi with maple bacon bits brought a chewy, sweet and salty textural contrast.

Ludakrisp – love the name of the burger. Crispy fried chicken, coleslaw, pickle, sweet BBQ sauce and mayo. A little too much coleslaw, but the chicken was crunchy and fried to perfection.


The Highlights:

The fried chicken and any beef burger.


Viet de Lites

The Location: South Bank

The Rundown: Modern Vietnamese eatery

The Food:

Lemongrass beef rice vermicelli – cucumber, lettuce, bean sprout, mint, pickled carrot, roasted peanut and fish sauce. Fresh and simple but tasty. The beef was a little overcooked and dry though.


Duck curry  with eggplant – it was my fault for not looking at the photo on the menu to see that this dish was so dry (not what you’d expect from just the name). I was disappointed as that meant that there was no sauce for the rice we ordered on the side. Taste-wise it wasn’t great – there wasn’t much spice in the “curry”, only heat from the chillies, and the duck was cooked adequately, but tasteless. The eggplant was probably the nicest thing on the dish.


Braised prawn claypot in homemade sauce with fried tofu and vegetables. There were only 3 or 4 very small prawns in an almost tomatoey broth that was unmemorable. And there was a lot of onion. The plus side? At least there was a little sauce for the rice!


The Highlights:

I struggled to find much if any. Overvalued and probably more of a tourist trap than a true reflection of what Brisbane has to offer on the culinary scene.


Shiki Oriental

The Location: Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

The Rundown: Chinese self-serve or a la carte in a shopping centre food court. The owner is Singaporean so she knows her food!

The Food:

We went for the buffet-style offering of chicken and corn soup, hokkien egg and vermicelli noodles, fried and steamed rice, curry chicken, vegetables, beef in black bean sauce, fried fish, and a variety of meat dishes including plum pork, chicken wings and honey chicken. It was $10.80 for a medium plate or a few dollars more for a large plate.




The Highlights:

The food here won’t be earning a Heart Foundation Tick, but it’s certainly value for money. Don’t pass up the tasty meatballs, fried chicken wings (there’s a good reason why it’s limited to two per plate people!), the curry chicken (not for the watery sauce, but for the tender fall-apart chicken), the batter-fried fish and chicken and corn soup that’s thick and hearty, with lots of sweet corn and egg.


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