Rising Sun Workshop @ Newtown, 2016


In an alley off a busy street in Newtown, you can find the Rising Sun Workshop. The café shares their space with a motorbike workshop, which makes for a pretty cool and laidback atmosphere. The café serves drinks, a mainly Japanese menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, as well as freshly baked cakes and bread on its premises.


The place was fairly busy even for a late lunch. We were seated upstairs where there was live music playing.

Fresh Orange Juice and Rising Sun Tea (China keeraun, Ceylon, roasted green, ginger & safflower)


The Porky bahn mi was a toasted bun with grilled kurobuta belly, pig’s head and lime terrine, pâté, pickles, coriander, chilli & mayo.


I did love the juicy pork with crispy crackling, and the flavour and texture of the meaty terrine. Unfortunately they were overpowered by the salty pâté and abundance of sour pickles. The bun was also a little too hard.

We also tried one of the interesting ramen on offer on the lunch menu. The aptly named The Dark, whose broth interestingly consists of chicken, pork bones, shiitake, smoked hocks, with a roast chicken infused soy sauce tare.


The broth was meaty and smoky with a deep soy undertone. The black fungus, blackened onion, nori and mushroom toppings enhanced the earthiness of the flavour while the sweet bamboo, soft egg and fatty slices of kurobuta belly complemented the broth well.

If you’re here for lunch, skip the bahn mi for the ramen. I’ll be back to try the breakfast ramen next time, with it intriguing-sounding butter toast broth.


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