Cute Animal Pastries @ Doux Amour, Sydney

These animal puffs appeared in a Doux Amour pop up store on the lower levels of QVB last month. The actual store is located in Rosebery, probably worth a visit to savour more of their artistic and mouth-watering creations.

The animal collection includes a black sesame cream penguin, a rose and lychee cream pig and a Nutella-filled bear.


The turtle is of course green tea flavoured (you can really taste the matcha flavour in the cream) and the koala is a more subtle Earl Grey flavour.


The choux pastry is thin, crunchy and packed with cream. The flavours of the filling are just right, not too subtle or overpowering. Did I mention it was beautifully light and creamy? Decorative bits such as chocolate, fondant icing and macarons help sweeten the deal.

I couldn’t really pick a favourite as I enjoyed all of the different flavours, but I’d probably say that the koala is the weakest of the lot – the flavour was a little too underwhelming for me.

These are pretty lavish puffs with the price tag to match so I wouldn’t label these puffs as a daily treat, but boy do they look and taste good!


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