Teta’s Lebanese @ Roseville, Jan 2017

Teta’s offers up authentic Lebanese cuisine on the North Shore, with a bar and restaurant located in Roseville Chase on Babbage Rd.


We went for dinner on a week night and despite the quiet exterior, the restaurant was bustling with noise and music when we entered. We were shown a seat upstairs where the tables filled up with families and large groups of diners as the night wore on.


The complimentary Lebanese bread came with a plate of pickles and chillies.


Not long after that came our entrée of Makanik, which was a bowl of small spicy Lebanese sausages pan fried in lemon juice with tomatoes, chilli and pine nuts. The spicy sausages were a little dry, but had a nicely spiced flavour that went well with the bread and tomatoes.


For main, we ordered the mixed skewers plate and we were awed by the size of it when it arrived at our table. The plate came with chicken, lamb and kafta skewers, fried Lebanese bread, garlic dip, hommos and pickles. The friendly waitress asked the kitchen to substitute the chips/chef’s vegetables for tabouli on our behalf.


The kafta wasn’t as tender or juicy as Tarboosh’s, but the other meat were as good, if not better. The skewers were beautifully charred and juicy, and the dips were lovely – creamy, garlicky and well seasoned. The fried Lebanese bread were delicious, crispy-fried guilty pleasures on a plate.

We had enough space for dessert and boy were we rewarded for it. We initially wanted to order the strawberry cheesecake but were told that they had sold out. Our disappointment faded when the waitress mentioned that the chef had made a fresh batch of Ferrero Rocher cheesecake.


The cheesecake came with fresh strawberries, crumbled Ferrero Rocher and a small cup of strawberry ice cream. I was a little sceptical about the combination of strawberry and chocolate, but the ice cream by itself was delicious. Creamy and packed with strawberry flavour, I could have eaten a whole bowl of it.


The cheesecake was definitely the star – rich Nutella flavour, extremely creamy and smooth, and with the crunch from the Ferrero Rocher crumble, it was exactly like eating a Ferrero Rocher cheesecake. I usually am not a fan of thick based cheesecakes, but in this case it was justified and perfectly proportioned to balance the rich cheesecake. The base was buttery, crumbly and wasn’t hard to cut through. We told the waitress that the dish was so good it deserved to be committed to the regular menu.


Teta’s is a restaurant you definitely want to go back to, with its warm and jovial atmosphere, good, generous food and friendly service. Don’t miss out on the cheesecake too!


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