Me Pho @ Eastwood Jan 2017


The first thing you notice about Me Pho when you step through the door is the friendly service. The ladies at the front greeted us with genuine smiles and one of them showed us to a table. She then proceeded to explain the ordering system which was simple enough – write down your menu order number and the quantity of each dish on the pad provided.


The drinks we ordered were good fruity stuff – the blood orange and ginger syrup iced drink had a nice ginger kick and the lime and Vienamese mint iced drink was refreshing. The Vietnamese coffee was strong and sweet as per the standard.


Me Pho’s speciality is the beef pho, so our table opted for that with different proteins. The standard Beef Pho came with slow cooked beef brisket, flank, and finely sliced tender beef top side with pho in beef broth. The broth was a darker, soy base broth and although it didn’t have the depth of beefiness of exceptional pho broths, it was clear and fresh.


The Super Special beef pho was the standard beef pho with extra beef balls and tripe.


The fried chicken pho came with a fried chicken Maryland. The chicken is not as great as Tan Viet’s, but it’s still pretty good with crispy skin and juicy meat. The sweet and salty sauce that accompanied it matched perfectly.


The grilled pork chop came with a more pungent fish and lime sauce accompaniment, which paired beautifully with the meat. There were two thin slices of pork chop – one was a little over-cooked, but the other was perfectly juicy. Both pieces had a nice char and were beautifully marinated.


The mushroom pho was the same beef broth combined with fresh tofu and a variety of seasonal mushrooms.


All in all, Tan Viet wins in terms of fried chicken, but I do prefer Me Pho’s pho – it’s cleaner and fresher. Their menu offers up big portions of tasty food – and not to the mention the friendly service – it’s a pretty good Vietnamese alternative in Eastwood.


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