Lunch Teishoku at Nazimi Sydney CBD, Feb 2017


What is Teishoku? Teishoku is the Japanese term for “meal set”, which depending on the main dish you order usually comes with rice, miso soup, pickles and a variety of other side dishes. Nazimi is a restaurant on York St (right opposite the QVB) that offers Teishoku daily – and it’s proving popular with the lunchtime crowds.


A small set of steps lead down to the Nazimi’s narrow entrance. The Japanese staff, the merchandise and decorations combined with the J-pop soundtrack playing in the background added to the authencity of the restaurant.


The Nazimi Special Teishoku set came with Unagi Kabayaki (grilled eel), sushi in the form of nigiri and rolls with tofu skin & salmon, sashimi, a daily entree (fried tofu), miso, rice, oshinko (pickled radish) and pickled cucumber. The taste overall was good and the fish was fairly fresh. The rice was a little soggy but I couldn’t fault the eel or the portion, and the sauce that came with the eel was plentiful.


The teriyaki salmon set with sushi combination came with the main, sushi, daily entrée of fried tofu, miso, pickles and sushi rolls. You have to pay an extra $1 for rice, which I thought it probably should have come with the set especially to soak up the teriayki sauce. The grilled teriyaki salmon was a tad dry, but the fish was fresh and the other components were tasty.


The Teishoku sets are quite filling and delicious. It’s decently priced especially for the seafood. With such good food and service, it’s a good option for a healthy lunch in the city.


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