Dera-Uma in Sydney, March 2017

Dera-Uma Entrance

There’s a little shopping arcade on George St called Skyview Shopping Plaza that houses a few cheap Japanese and Vietnamese eateries. One of those eateries is Dera-Uma, which offers a selection of Japanese bento boxes and donburi (rice bowls).

Dera-Uma Menu

It’s order and pay at the counter then collect your food when the buzzer sounds. We ordered the Deluxe Box Favourite which was a bento with BBQ beef, grilled hamburger, a half boiled egg, coleslaw, pickled radish and sesame seeds on rice. The hamburger was soft and juicy, but the beef was a little chewy with a fair bit of sinew.

Dera-Uma Favourite Deluxe Bento Box

The Deluxe Box Unagi Mabushi came with grilled pieces of teriyaki eel with paper-thin omelette, sesame seeds, seaweed and pickles on rice. The little pieces of eel were plump and juicy with crispy grilled skin and there was the right amount of seasoning and sauce for the rice to soak up.

Dera-Uma Unagi Mabushi Deluxe Bento Box

The Dera-Uma Bento Box allows you to pick two choices from ten options on the menu, and with the choices comes a bowl of rice, miso soup and green tea soba. The two choices we had was the chicken katsu and the teriyaki grilled hamburger. The chicken katsu was delicious, with juicy tender chicken in a light and crispy panko crumbed batter. The green tea soba was firm and infused well with the savoury, cold broth. The miso soup was pleasant, with thin slices of omelette bobbing on the surface.

Dera_Uma Chicken Katsu and Teriyaki Hamburger Bento Box

Dera-Uma is good for a cheap and tasty lunch or dinner. There are limited seats and tables, so avoid coming during busy meal times.




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