Dee Why Hotel’s Famous Trufflenator Burger, May 2017

If there’s one thing you should try from the Dee Why Hotel’s Brasserie menu, it’s their Famous Trufflenator burger. Double wagyu patty, truffle mayo, truffle butter, infused havarti cheese, truffle maple syrup, crispy bacon, American cheddar, onion rings, all sandwiched between a sweet Japanese milk bun. Size-wise, the burger actually didn’t look as large as it sounded, but it was deceptively filling.

The Trufflenator Burger

The saltiness of the cheese, creaminess of the truffle mayo and butter, crunch from the onion rings and crispy bacon, and the sweetness of the bun and maple syrup all worked wonderfully in harmony. The star was the chin-dribbling juicy, beefy wagyu patty and the creamy truffle mayo.

The Trufflenator Burger with Truffle Pecorino Chips

If you’re going to consume a bucketful of calories you may as well go all out with this burger. You can also add on a side of crunchy golden chips topped with more of the creamy truffle mayo and a sprinkling of pecorino cheese.

Clucken Truff Burger

The Clucken Truff was an off-the-menu burger of the week special and was pretty much the chicken version of the Trufflenator. The crunchy, crumbed chicken was still juicy inside and paired well with the truffle mayo and crispy bacon. It’s a pity this version is not always available on the menu.

Hawaiian Chicken Burger with Chips

The Hawaiian chicken burger was more of a standard fare, with coconut coated chicken breast fillet, bacon, pineapple and cheese on a milk bun. Unless you’re averse to beef, you’re better off ordering the Trufflenator for 50 cents more.

Power Salad

The Power Salad was a huge plate piled with mixed leaves and roasted pumpkin, baby beetroot, feta, green beans, kale, cucumber, seeds, toasted almond and orange pieces. There was a generous amount of everything and the ingredients were well balanced, with a light and slightly tangy dressing.

Chilli Prawn Pizza

The chilli prawn pizza (chilli confit garlic tiger prawns with roasted red peppers, red onions and pesto) was cheesy and tasty with a thin, crunchy crust that was still soft on the inside. The prawns were a little small and sparse though and I couldn’t taste any hint of chilli or garlic at all.

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza

The peri peri chicken with roasted peri peri chicken breast, roasted red peppers, feta and peri peri mayo was a little disappointing, with not enough grill-infused flavour coming from the chicken.

Overall the food is wholesome and mostly delicious. The prices may be a little on the high side so if you’re limiting yourself to one dish on the menu, the Trufflenator is a no-brainer.


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