More Animal Puffs from Doux Amour Plus Uncle Tetsu’s Cheese Tarts

I’ve added two water animals to my collection of cute choux conquests from Doux Amour. The bright purple taro-flavoured octopus and the whale with a vanilla and blueberry filling.

Doux Amour Taro Octopus, Black Sesame Penguin, Blueberry and Vanilla Dolphin Puffs

Cutting open Mr Octopus reveals a vibrant purple inside. It’s distinctly taro and extremely creamy, which is a big plus. I did like that the little candy legs and the eye-cing provided some sweetness but for me adding little sweetness to the cream would have lifted the naturally bland taro filling to another level.

Doux Amour Taro Octopus Puff

I couldn’t fault the blueberry and vanilla whale. As well as looking absolutely adorable, it had a great balance between the creaminess of the vanilla and the fruitiness of the blueberry, with actual blueberry hidden in the filling. It wasn’t too sweet and the blueberry wasn’t overpowering. The white chocolate fins and water spout matched perfectly with the filling.

Doux Amour Blueberry and Vanilla Dolphin Puffs

I also had another go at the Earl Grey tea flavoured koala and my experience this time was a more prominent flavour of Earl Grey, which did revise my enjoyment of this flavour in a good way.

Check out my review of other animals in Doux Amour’s choux puff pastry collection here.

I also re-visited Uncle Tetsu’s in the city and this time they had expanded their menu to include cheese tarts and  other flavours of cheesecakes like Earl Grey and Matcha.

Uncle Tetsu Counter

I sampled their cheese tarts, which were cheaper than those at Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts (HBCT), but were they better?

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Tart

Pastry-wise, both Uncle Tetsu’s and HBCT’s are crumbly. HBCT’s is more buttery and Uncle Tetsu’s has a thinner shell, but I did like the dark caramelisation on Uncle Tetsu’s.

HBCT’s cheese tart filling is cheesier with more prominent, sour cheesy notes while Uncle Tetsu’s is a subtler and sweeter cheese filling, so it depends on which your palate is more inclined towards. Texture-wise though, HBCT’s curd is fluffier.

Uncle Tetsu Cheese Tart Half

Taste-wise, HBCT’s cheese tarts slightly edge out Uncle Tetsu’s. There’s not a big difference though so if you’re looking to save a few dollars you won’t lose out heading to Uncle Tetsu’s to satisfy that cheese tart craving.

Check out my review of Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake and cheese tarts from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts here.


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