Korean BBQ At The Bulgogi, June 2016

The Bulgogi

I’ve been to The Bulgogi in Chatswood a few times and have tried their soup, sushi and bibimbap. This was a visit to satisfy carnivourous cravings with their Korean BBQ, which is the popular option at the restaurant.

We went on a Friday evening and the ground floor was already full so we were shown a seat upstairs. We opted for a bit of variety, with the Seoul BBQ B set of seafood pancake, a 300g selection of wagyu cuts and a choice of hotpot. We also ordered a serving of the 120g pork belly set, which came with kimchi and some mushrooms.

The Bulgogi Banchan Side Dishes

Our set of banchan (side dishes) and a plate of mixed lettuce arrived at the table closely followed by the spicy beef hotpot and a bowl of rice. The banchan included raw spicy squid, bean curd strips, sweet black beans, pickles and kimchi.

The Bulgogi Spicy Beef Hotpot

The hotpot had lots of vegetables, small chunks of beef, egg, mushroom and glass noodles. It was earthy and spicy but also overly peppery, which killed the tastebuds a bit. Definitely not one for those who can’t handle heat in their food.

The Bulgogi Seafood Pancake

The seafood pancake was generously packed with octopus and squid, and there were large stalks of sweet, soft spring onions. It was a little harder to spot the clams and prawns, but overall the pancake was delicious, with a crispy exterior whilst being moist on the inside.

The Bulgogi Wagyu Beef BBQ Set

The wagyu plate came as the grill was warming up. A small amount of vegetables for grilling came with the different cuts of wagyu beef.

The Bulgogi Pork Belly Set BBQ

The pork belly set came with 3 large pieces of pork. All in all the meat was quite good quality – tender and juicy (when cooked properly!).

The Bulgogi BBQ Plate

The Bulgogi BBQ Meat

If there was a negative for the night it would be the service, which was dismissive and inattentive. Otherwise, The Bulgogi is great for a night out especially with a large meat-eating group. Just be prepared to pay for it!



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