Brunch at Brookvale’s Flower Child, July 2017

There’s no place prettier to have brunch than at Flower Child at Warringah Mall in Brookvale. Located in the heart of the revamped shopping centre next to the Dolphin fountain, the little café is housed in its own round, white building decorated with an abundance of plants and flowers.

Flower Child Brookvale Watermelon, Pineapple & Passionfruit Juice and Lychee & Mint Smoothie

We had a lychee and mint smoothie and watermelon, pineapple and passionfruit juice to drink.

Flower Child Brookvale Eggs Benedict with Trout-1

The food arrived looking pretty as a picture. The eggs benedict with charred asparagus, burnt butter hollandaise, smoked trout and oozy (refer to picture below) poached eggs on toasted sourdough was creamy, buttery heaven.

Flower Child Brookvale Eggs Benedict with Trout-2

The Aussie beef burger with fries looked pretty good too.

Flower Child Brookvale Aussie Beef Burger

The food was a little slow as the café was quite packed approaching lunchtime peak hour. With such tasty food, it’s not hard to see why Flower Child is such a popular spot with locals.


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