Criniti’s Manly, July 2017

There is an abundance of Nutella on display when you walk into this Italian restaurant chain. And if that’s not enough to tingle the tastebuds, we were also greeted by the sight of a 0.5m pizza being gobbled up by a table of four.

The menu is a monster to go through, with a long list of sides, pizzas, burgers, grilled meats, a ginormous variety of pasta dishes and other mains. Inspired by the tables around us, we ordered the traditional size frankie 2 times pizza and the fettuccine palizzi.

Criniti's frankie 2 times pizza

The frankie 2 times had scatterings of Italian sausage on a bed of mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmigiano and scamorza cheeses, a spicy chilli base and a crunchy but soft crust which was generously doused with pepper. It was salty, spicy and cheesy with a not too overpowering sourness from the blue cheese.

Criniti's Fettuccine Palizzi

The palizzi had a decent amount of prawns and bacon nestled within the well-cooked fettuccine. The napoli sauce was well-balanced with sweetness from the cherry tomatoes. You could also taste the basil and a slight hint of spiciness, though I could have done with a bigger dose of chilli.

Criniti's Desserts Cakes

Criniti's Desserts Donuts and Croissants

We had been eyeing their delicious-sounding (and large) dessert range but were so full that we couldn’t pack any more in. However, just at the front near the entrance was a diablolically tantalising array of cakes, pastries, donuts and a rotating display of gelato – a last test of the will. Which I failed.

Criniti's nutella bomboloni

Criniti's nutella bomboloni half

I left with a Nutella bomboloni, which I later ate. There’s nothing wrong with ending a satisfying dinner with a buttery donut packed with Nutella!


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